Arches National Park

Well, it’s a long overdue post, but we are finally sharing photos from the last destination of our road trip. Last, but certainly not least! After a lovely dinner in Moab we headed out to see the sun set over the stunning desert-scape of Arches National Park. What a beautiful way to end our photo tour of the south-west! We didn’t have time to do a walk, which was sad, but we were able to visit a few different viewpoints and get some nice photos. That said, even what one can see from the car window is amazing! Check out the album below!

Arches was one of the places that Mig really wanted to photograph, so it was exciting for him (and me too) to finally get there. Of course, there’s still much of the park we didn’t see… an excuse to go back, I guess!

After this final tourist stop, we prepared ourselves for some serious car time. A.J. didn’t sleep as much in the car as she did on the way down – she was, after all, 4 months older – but thankfully she was pretty good at entertaining herself while awake, if not with her toys then by staring out the window at the beautiful scenery.

The drive back was punctuated by 3 main events. First, we took a 2-day breather in Boulder, CO, because a good friend of mine let us stay at his place there. It was a much appreciated reprise from driving, hotels and eating out. We also got to hang with our good friend, Yusuf, in St. Louis, MO and checked out the new, rad, SO ILL climbing gym! Finally, our last night on the road was a repeat of our first night on the road – staying and visiting with Geva, Seb and their darling girl. Thanks to all our friends who put us up while on the road!!

We arrived “home” on May 30th – almost 4 months to the day from when we left. My parents were expecting us 2 days later so we were able to surprise them!

Thanks to all our readers (for those of you who actually read the posts as well as looking at the pics ;)). It was an *amazing* trip and it’s been a pleasure to share it with you! The blog will now return to “regular programming,” if you will, of local events and photo projects etc.

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