Phone Interview with Nuance

The phone interview is officially scheduled for Tuesday October 24th at 20h00. I can’t wait because I have many questions in mind already.

Nuance Communications, Inc Things are advancing fast on my job search so far in October. Since I learned from my friend Jean-Philipe, through our common friend Sylvain, that Nuance Communications is looking for a person with a Mathematical and Programming background to fill in a position as a Speech Scientist, I have been super excited about this opportunity. First, I did some research on the subject and talked with Jean-Philipe about the position. I also read a little bit about the company and the science behind Speech Recognition. I had no idea it was such an interesting field of Mathematical applications. Anyways. Then I sent my Resume and nice little cover letter (which was appreciated by the recruiter apparently!).

So, as I said, I sent my Resume beginning of this week, and, apparently, it had a relatively good impact with the recruiters at Nuance because Jean-Philipe was contacted twice regarding my candidature on that same day. I was pleased to hear that from Jean-Philipe. However, the real surprise/good news came in yesterday when I got an e-mail from the Manager of Internation Speech Science at Nuance saying that he was interested in talking to me about a position as a Speech Scientist at Nuance in Montreal. Ever since that e-mail, I have been reading and collecting more information about the position and the company. I have many questions for him and am expecting the phone call today or Tuesday. I am very excited about it. What a great opportunity to blend my mathematical and programming skills, while satisfying my mathematic, logic, and technology never ending curisosity. I’ll keep you posted on this, as always.

If you have any questions regarding this, please post them here on the blog as a comment. I won’t answer personal e-mails on this subject seeing as people can benefit from your questions and it allows me to answer more than one question at a time. Cheers.

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