Whitby Half Marathon 2011

About a week ago, I ran the WIN half marathon in Whitby, Ontario. Unfortunately, I hadn’t had time to post pictures until just now, but here are a few photos that my wife took of me (and my friend) running. We had a great cheering squad (see pictures) and we both finished in really good times (our personal best!). It was my first race and so I have to say that I am really proud of my result: 1:44:28. Even though it’s an already pretty good result, I will try to improve on that in my next race: the Scotiabank Waterfront half marathon in Toronto on October 16th.

J’ai courru le demi marathon de Whitby il y a près d’une semaine. Malheureusement, je n’ai pas eu le temps de vous montrer des photos jusqu’à maintenant, et donc voici quelques photos que ma femme a prisent lors de ma course. Nous avions une super équipe de supportaires qui nous on aidés à finir avec de super bon temps. C’était ma première course et je dois dire que je suis très fier de mon temps: 1:44:28. Je vais bien sûr essayer de m’améliorer lors de ma prochaine course: le demi marathon Scotiabank Waterfront de Toronto le 16 octobre.

IFSC World Cup, Canmore 2011

For the first time in the IFSC history, the World Cup circuit was brought up to Canada. The leg in Canmore would be just a week away from the one in Vail. The competitors were welcomed by the truly unpredictable weather of the Alberta mountains: rain, snow, sun, etc. They had all four seasons in a long weekend. The competition was really good. All the top competitors showed (almost all I guess) and a huge group of representative from Canada was there. All were hoping that Sean would make it on the podium, and he did not dissapoint. Here are the results:


Women’s result

  1. Akiyo Noguchi
  2. Anna Stohr
  3. Jain Kim

Men’s result

  1. Tsukuru Hori
  2. Klemen Becan
  3. Sean McColl

The GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon 2011

So, as some of you may know, I’ve started to enjoy running. Like anything else in my life, once I start to be interested in something, I tend to start to take photos of it a lot more. So, don’t be surprised to see many more posts about running in my new category cleverly entitled Running.

This weekend, on May 15th, was the 37th GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon. I was lucky enough to watch the men’s winner coming in before i had to go (and before it was too wet for us to handle!). You can get the full results here.

Comme certain d’entre vous savez déjà, j’ai développé une passion pour la course dans les dernier mois. Et comme toute autre chose dans ma vie, lorsque je commence à m’interesser à quelque chose, je tends à prendre beaucoups de photos de cette chose! Ne soyez donc pas surpris si vous commencez à voir plus de photos de courses dans ma nouvelle catégorie: Running.

Ce weekend, le 15 Mai, était le 37ième Marathon GoodLife Fitness de Toronto. J’ai été chanceux de pouvoir voir le gagnant arrivé à la fin (ainsi que le deuxième!) avant de devoir partir (et avant que la température soit vraiment trop moche!). Vous pouvez aussi voir tous les résultats içi.

Men’s Marathon Top 3:

  1. Branden Kenny (2:27:20)
  2. Josephat Ongeri (2:29:19)
  3. Terry Gehl (2:30:49)

Women’s Marathon Top 3:

  1. Melissa Begin (2:54:51)
  2. Nathalie Goyer (2:58:20)
  3. Katrina Cripps (3:00:34)

Photowalk 2011 #1

Last Saturday, I went out for my first photowalk of the summer with my friend, Le Pat. It was the first real summer day of the year and we had a blast. We visited the following places:

  • Corktown: The oldest part of the city of Toronto.
  • Allen Gardens: A large green house right downtown – open year-round!
  • Cabbagetown: The highest density of Victorian houses in North America. What a lovely neighborhood.

I’ll definitely go check out those places again this summer. There are so many cool things to photograph. This time around, I was looking for details and textures.

Samedi passé, j’ai fait mon premier photowalk de l’été avec mon ami, Le Pat. C’était la première vrai journée d’été et on a eu du gros fun! On a visité deux quartiers assez cool et un jardin intérieur:

  • Corktown: Le quartier le plus vieux de Toronto;
  • Allen Gardens: un petit jardin intérieur (au centre-ville!) ouvert à l’année longue;
  • Cabbagetown: Le quartier avec la plus haute densité de maisons Victoriennes en Amérique du Nord;

Je vais sûrement revisiter les quartiers au courant de l’été. Il y a tellement plein de choses à prendre en photo. Cette fois-ci, je m’attardais au details et à la texture.

* click an image for larger size (cliqué sur une image pour la voir en grand format).

Team Canada Training Camp 2011

This year, Team Canada was lucky enough to have Tonde Katiyo, from L’ouvre Boite in Paris, come and give them a 3-day training camp for the upcoming Canmore World Cup (May 27th and 28th). Toronto climbing gym Joe Rockhead’s accepted to let Tonde take over the whole gym and sparkle 24 World Cup style bouldering problems around the gym (many local boulderers had a blast playing-around/flailing on them). The training camp, which started on Wednesday April 20th and concluded on Friday April 22nd, consisted of a morning technical session, followed by a World Cup circuit, and then a climbing session in the afternoon to figure out the problems as a group. Some of the problems are still in the gym if you are at all curious!

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