Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States

It is now official. The speech is coming up in about 5-10 minutes. The prediction is that Obama will have 353 electoral votes against 183 for McCain. I do have to say that McCain’s speech was VERY well put together and very well delivered. I was impressed by the speech. However, I can’t wait to hear Obama’s speech. This *IS* history happening in front of our eyes! WOW!

Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States

Ohio predicted to go to Obama by CCN

They are now pretty much saying that Obama will win the elections. Pretty awesome! For more up-to-date results, check out the Ohio live results.

Ohio predicted to go to Obama

A six alarm fire near Queen and Bathurst

There is already quite a lot of buzz around the huge fire that basically incinerated a whole block in downtown Toronto. I haven’t heard if anybody was hurt during the massive fire but I sure hope not. I am sure I’ll learn more about it on the news today as I saw two helicopters flying over the area for quite a while. According to blogTO,

Over 50 fire vehicles have joined the fight. Early reports suggest that at least eight stores have burned, one unit has collapsed, and more structure appears to be on the verge of coming down. […]CityTV reports that National Sound, Suspect Video, and Duke’s Cycle are amongst the shops affected.

Anyways, for those of you out there curious as to what a “six alarm fire” really means, go check out the explanation: How big is a 10-alarm fire?. Here are some pictures of the even from the condo… You can see much closer pictures on blogTO. Let me know if you have more news, photos, etc.

Fire at Queen and Bathurst in Toronto at 10AM
The fire was still going on strong at around 10h30 this morning.

Fire at Queen and Bathurst in Toronto at 2h30PM
Right around 2h30, the fire was under a lot more control, but the water was still going.

Alive and well.

It’s been a long time since I wrote something on my site, or did any updates to it for that matter. Too long. In fact, it sort of coincide with the day I started working in the “real” world. Ha ha. So what have I been up to? Well, a lot actually. Things have been pretty hectic on our side of the river.

For one thing, I just started working which now takes officially 40+10 hours of my weeks (the equivalent of about 50% of my free time!!!!), and am also trying to continue everything else I used to do when I had 100% of my free time… (i.e. climbing three to four times a week and eating!). So other than working, I have gone to two more climbing competitions, one of which was my best ever so far (The tour de bloc in Newmarket) and we also went to Toronto for the holidays, where Bonnie and I now have a second nephew (Yay for Heather, Eddie, and Cameron!). I also had to say bye to my brother and his girlfriend who has moved to Vancouver for a year and a half (minimum!!). He now resides right by the very beautiful (and demolished) Stanley Park in BC! What a lucky &%$! :)

Other than that, we are still planning the wedding, and organizing our new lives in good old Greenfield Park. Things are just starting to stabilize (try to go from an average of 10 hours of sleep a night from 2am to 12pm and move that to 12am to 8am every day!) and so things should get back to normal again. We are obviously organizing some trips (Jamaica in May, Somewhere in July, and so on) for the coming year. But don’t you worry, my little internet addicted self should be back at providing you with all the gossips (and photos!) and good news very soon.

I am off to update my flickr account now (yeah, maybe I’ll finish putting up my photos from Cambodia one day!!). Cheers!

A Step Closer to Personalized Cancer Cure

An article published in the September 6 issue of Science Express discusses the breakthrough achieved by the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center scientists who have completed the first draft of the genetic code for breast and colon cancers.

[The study] identifies close to 200 mutated genes, now linked to these cancers, most of which were not previously recognized as associated with tumor initiation, growth, spread or control.

Because no two patients are the same with breast and colon cancer, therapies are very hard to administer. Ultimately, once we know enough about all of the implicated genes, it will be possible to find out which of a particular patient’s genes are affected and treat only those genes. From the BBC Article:

Dr Anna Barker of the National Cancer Institute said: “Maximising the numbers of targets available for drug development in a specific cancer means that patients will ultimately receive more personalized, less toxic therapies.”

She also said: “In the future, scientists hope to be able to tailor plans for preventing or treating cancer to each person’s individual genetic profile. Studies like this can help us to accomplish this goal.”

Read more:

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