ONF Classic: Ce que tout bon chien devrait savoir

This has got to be my favourite “National Film Board” movie of all time. What was meant as a somewhat serious short film on common domestic accidents and how to prevent them has quickly became our favourite funny movie as kids. To be fair, they do also advertise the movie as an hilarious documentary on their website.

Always keep important phone numbers near a phoneElectricity can be dangerous

Here is a snippet from the ONF:

This hilarious animated film communicates over forty safety tips for homes with infants and young children. The film’s hero is a very earnest, somewhat pompous, but endearing dog called Wally. A “professional” in home safety, Wally is assigned to a house with an infant whose parents have little safety consciousness. Accidents and near-accidents succeed each other with lightning speed, constantly putting Wally to the test. This comic film will help viewers of all ages become “home-safety smart.” For parents, babysitters, and the elementary school classroom.

Baby in the fridgeWaiting for another accident to happen

Finally, I found out that you can get your very own copy of this classic movie on the ONF website. It is part of the movie “Attention, les enfants!”, which sells for about 20$ on their website. Unfortunately, it is a VHS-only movie. So no DVDs… Check out the trailer from the movie! Too funny! All of the texts I linked to can be found in English also.

Night at the Museum [7.8 out of 10]

Ben Stiller - Night at the Museum

We finally got to watch Night at the Museum, and even though it was clearly made for a younger/tinier audience, I have to admit that I was impressed with most of it. For one thing, the special effects were really well done and I really enjoyed watching all of the characters coming to life (yeah… the T-rex is well done!). Also, the story is pretty much straight out of a kid’s imagination. Who, as a kid, hasn’t dreamed of seeing all the things they see at a museum come to life? It’s very cool that they have put that on film for us to enjoy.

Otherwise, what made the movie work for me was Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Rickey Gervais, and Dick Van Dyke, of course. The cast was a lot of fun. All in all, it’s more of a kid’s movie, but every once in a while, that’s just what we need: A feel-good movie. A movie that brings back the kid in us and makes us feel younger again, sort of like Dick Van Dyke in the movie!

Comedian [9 out of 10]

The Comedian, 2002
Director: Christian Charles
Main Actors: Jerry Seinfeld, Colin Quinn, & Orny Adams

Bonnie is gone at her parent’s cottage for the long weekend, and so things are kind of boring here. I had to stay over in Montreal to help my dad, my uncle, and my brother with putting up the new roof. We finished yesterday, and so I am now stuck at home until tuesday without Bonnie. It’s pretty boring here without Bonnie, and so I decided to rewatch this movie. I had seen it a couple of times already, but it was still very good.

It’s basically a documentary about what it is to be a comedian with Jerry Seinfeld. It’s actually very well done because it follows Jerry, after his decision to throw away all of his material and start from scratch, and a relatively new comedian Orny Adams. Because it is filmed as a documentary, it gives the viewer a good idea of what life is as a comedian, or a glimpse of it at least. And not any comedian, we get scences with conversations between Jerry and Ray Romano, Chris Rock, Bill Cosby, and many more. Also another very interesting angle in the movie is to see a big star like Jerry struggling to deliver a new set of jokes, while comparing this with Orny Adam’s struggle to deliver and grow as a comedian.

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You, Me and Dupree [7.5 out of 10]

You, Me and Dupree 2006
Director: Anthony Russo & Joe Russo
Writer: Mike LeSieur
Main Actors: Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon, & Michael Douglas

Cleaning night tonight. I was just cleaning out my paper tray when I came across this movie stub. And so even though I have seen this movie three weeks ago already, I felt the urge to write a little something about it. Admitedly, this was the last movie I saw at the theater. Yes, yes. I’m a little behind movie-wise.

So the movie is about Dupree (Owen Wilson). A 30-something guy who all of a sudden loses his job and ends up losing his apartment. However, this does not seem to affect Dupree’s happiness, and somehow finds a way to stay at his newly wed friends’ (Kate Hudson & Matt Dillon) house. The rest of the movie is basically the series of events that are triggered by this sudden change in plans.

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Walk the Line [9 out of 10]

Walk the Line 2005A movie recalling the incredible life of the famous country music legend Johnny Cash. Starting in an Arkansas cotton farm to his rise to fame with Sun Records, Memphis. The movie was a brilliant recollection of his life, which was very touching at times, and very entertaining at others. It gave me a whole new perspective on his life, and his music. Both Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon deserve to win the Oscars for their roles in this movie. They not only did a great job at acting, but they also sang all of the songs you hear in the movie. Personally, I found them really good. I would watch this movie again anytime!

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